Mourning Gown #dressesfromthesouthernbelleera
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Mourning Gown #dressesfromthesouthernbelleera

Peek into the past with this item from Recollections.

Throughout the Victorian period, mourning would take place for two and a half years! During the first year, black was the only color worn by a widow. This mourning gown in all black has the silhouette of a classic Victorian style. The dress has a fitted waist with a V-shape in front. This dress has leg-o-mutton sleeves and a full skirt. Dress has high collar and front button closure. All in black, this dress is suitable for any woman in mourning. Hand wash or machine wash. Hang dry. 100% cotton. Priced separately are the boots, jewelry, hat, crinoline, stockings and gloves that the model is wearing. Designed and made proudly by Recollections in America!


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